Directions from GPS sent man who recently moved to area into the woods

WHATLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – Do you trust your GPS? 

The Whatley Police Department is warning residents to pay close attention when taking directions from a GPS device after a man ended up in the woods Monday morning. 

Police say a concerned Whately resident was kind enough to stop and help a man who was walking on Westbrook Road after he had gotten his Jeep stuck in the woods not far from the roadway. 

The man is said to have recently moved to the area from the south. 

The resident brought the man to the police station and after further investigation, police determined his GPS had said he was on some type of road. 

Police eventually found a way to assist the man and get his car out of the wooded area.

“A word to the wise regarding GPS – research the road before you take it by looking at a satellite image as well,” Whately Police said.

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