The Whistle 3 GPS pet tracker is $20 off with this coupon on Amazon

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Just like a Bluetooth tracker finds your wallet and keys, Whistle GPS helps you keep tabs on your pet.
Just like a Bluetooth tracker finds your wallet and keys, Whistle GPS helps you keep tabs on your pet.

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Knowing your fur baby is safe and healthy at all times is a must for a pet parent — but no matter how responsible you are, keeping tabs 24/7 just isn’t realistic. 

Until someone figures out how to translate barks into words like the collar in Disney Pixar’s Up, the Whistle 3 GPS tracker is the next best thing. And with this $20 clip coupon on Amazon, it can be yours for $79.95.

Just think of it as Find My iPhone, but for dogs: Nationwide location tracking via AT&T lets you pinpoint your dog’s whereabouts 24/7, as well as monitor where they’ve gone during the day. Safe spaces (like home, lake house, the end of your street, etc.) can be set up with WiFi as a sort of virtual electric fence. If your pet wanders out of the safe zone, a notification will be sent to you before they get too far away — and on the off chance that he or she does go missing, you’ll have much more reliable backup than posting on Facebook. 

Some customers in the reviews mention that Whistle has also been a life saver for elderly parents who have pets.

Cats can even get in on the action — and they are clearly very happy about it.

To ensure that the tracker is always on, Whistle does require a subscription for monthly LTE connectivity (it’s like a phone plan for your dog). Prices start at just $6.95 a month and can be selected during activation in the Whistle app.

The Whistle 3 not only wants to keep your fur baby close to home, but also healthy. The built-in pet activity tracker (yes, that’s a thing) monitors your dog’s daily activity and alerts you when he or she has reached the recommended playtime for the day. While keeping in mind age, weight, and breed, Whistle can help ensure that your best friend stays in the best shape. It’s the closest thing to them saying “Yo, I need to get out of this house.”

See what you can do together:

The Whistle 3 has a seven day battery life and an IPX7 waterproof rating, meaning puddles or jumps in the lake won’t mess anything up.

Just clip the $20 coupon, add the Whistle 3 to your cart, and the $20 discount will be taken off at checkout. Regularly $99.95, you can grab it for $79.95 just in time for spring. (You should also check out Whistle’s Instagram because cuteness overload.)

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