Phone Essentials for Drivers Who Want the Best On-the-Road Experiences

Most rental cars have everything I need for a weekend away or a commute. But some are still struggling in the charging space — understandable considering the multiple configurations our phones bring to the table. So my policy is simple: It’s best to have a solid repository of car chargers and accessories at the ready, avoiding any last minute fishing for a charger or Bluetooth receiver.

And since my partner uses an iPhone and I use a Pixel, our needs often diverge. But we also love sharing music so we figured it out.

All-in-one solutions are sparse because it’s hard to foster flexibility when wired charging makes the device obsolete once you change your device — which is a drag. But there are certainly options: leading device charging Anker sells the PowerWave, a wireless fast charger that mounts to your air vent in two steps and, unlike many chargers, can work with your phone case still on. Similarly priced is the VANMASS wireless car charger. It attaches to your dash or windshield. While it’s not equipped with fast charging like the Anker model is, its clasp sits on a rotating, telescopic arm that gives you more versatility to position your phone.

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If all-in-one isn’t your jam, buy a charger with multiple USB inputs to ensure the ability to charge different devices with different inputs and then find a mount that will adjust to your needs (and your friends’ needs if you anticipate any group travel) so that it will last longer than your current mobile device will.


The Anker car charging ecosystem is vast and I highly suggest you scroll through its offerings to see just how precisely it can meet your needs. My favorite in the space is the Anker USB C car charger, which includes its namesake as well as a normal USB port. This is perfect for me because I can charge my Google Pixel 2 or my MacBook Pro through the USB C fast charging port as well as charge my kindle or headphones through the other port. Or consider the extremely popular and highly rated $10 dual port charger — perfect to throw in your car and forget about. Another massively popular option is the Maxboost.

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