Energizer Announces Massive 18,000-mAh Smartphone Battery

Energizer is planning to unveil “the largest ever battery for a smartphone” at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), according to GSMarena. From the company’s Power Max line, the phone will feature a battery charge of 18,000 mAh.

At last year’s event, Energizer announced the Energizer Power Max P16K Pro with a 16,000-mAh battery, but it was subsequently canceled, failing to manufacture in “massive quantities,” GSMarena reports.

Along with the 18,000-mAh behemoth, the company will launch the Energize Ultimate line with six premium smartphones, with one being foldable.

To put Energizer’s powerful battery into perspective, Statista has outlined the top 10 phones with the longest-lasting batteries. However, there’s more than just milliampere hours to determine which battery will actually last longer, including factors like efficient use, resolution, and display size.

“This chart uses numbers from phone data website Phone Arena, which tests phones using a custom web script that mimics real-life use at a screen brightness rate of 200 nit (luminance). These use durations are well below those that phone manufacturers use to market their phones and also below those measured in continuous use (e.g. playing a really long video),” according to Statista.

Statista notes that since Energizer’s Power Max phone with its 18,000-mAh battery isn’t on the market yet, it currently doesn’t have a duration score. Although, Energizer’s Power Max does top the list, since its duration is expected to trump the others do to its superior milliampere hour count.

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