Sony’s Shawn Layden wants fewer, bigger PlayStation games

L7CHAPEL8h ago

“The latest bandwagon” 4MS huh?
is Black desert the latest bandwagon? Ashen, sea of thieves? they have one one battle royale game that they gave exclusive support to (that’s now on PS4) they saw something and they supported it and took advantage of what they felt was going to be a strong trend.

It’s funny because what he said is what I’ve been saying for the past three+ years:
you guys have 6-10 real exclusive games made by first-party Studios, and the rest of your “tons of exclusive games” that you want to tout are a bunch of jrpgs and Japanese Centric titles.

funny how they(P.S.) get praised when they talk about their streaming service (who copied who there?) all your talk of how Ms just jumps onto the latest things.

where did trophies come from?
isn’t that something they implemented after Xbox came out with gamerscore/ gamer cards/ achievements?

….. what’s happening with them is exactly what happened with the 360, at the end of its life cycle,
they realize they supported a lot of things that just weren’t selling that much and they were making a ton of investment that we’re going to benefit a lot of offshoot Studios, more so than themselves but it wasn’t really doing anything to grow and expand gaming.

there’s still going to be all of those things there, and there still is with Xbox, they’re just not dumping a lot of first-party resources into it,
they’re making a platform available to have it there, without the funding/promotion themselves…

maybe they’re not all that different after all, maybe some people just like to point the finger, and hate, cuz hey, that’s good for gaming, right ?

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