Huawei’s wireless charger now available in India

Chinese maker on Wednesday announced the availability of its called the on in for Rs 3,999.

With WPC Qi standard authentication, the is compatible with with integrated Qi functionality and devices equipped with a Qi-receiving battery case, the company said in a statement.

The charger comes with a foreign object detection, which allows it to automatically switch off when it detects keys or metal objects, within a safe temperature to avoid overheating.

The charger provides multi-layer safety protection, thus, enabling a reliable charging experience. It comes with a soft unibody silicon surface, which protects the phone and prevents it from falling, said the statement.

The also charges through less than equal to directly, without having the need to remove the phones’ cases, the company added.

The device also comes with a that can adjust the output power automatically according to the ambient temperature and



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