9 Best Tech Devices for Heart Health

It’s 2019, and fitness trackers & tech devices for monitoring your heart’s health are dime a dozen in today. Well, your ticker beats more than hundred thousand times each day, so it is a wonderful idea to keep a tab on your busy heart. Good thing, the latest tech devices can do more than count your daily steps; the latest smartwatches and wearables are teeming with features that’ll help you exercise better, stay active, and monitor your heart rate.

Here are 9 creme de la creme tech devices that are recommended by cardiologists for your heart health.

(1) Omron HeartGuide

The 2019 CES winner for best-emerging technology, the Omron HeartGuide is the newest entrant in the space of smart wearables. But the HeartGuide has a few tricks up its sleeve that makes it the single most exciting tech device on the list. First off, it comes from Omron, which is the world’s biggest manufacturer of heart devices. Secondly, it is FDA approved. So what is Omron’s HeartGuide you may ask? It’s a smartwatch which has an inflator cuff to take your blood pressure on the go. The inflator works both manually (heart readings on demand) and automatically (schedule heart readings throughout the night. The importance of this last detail cannot be overstated. With most cardiovascular deaths caused by irregular heartbeats during the night, the Omron watch is the first AND only consumer product smartwatch that can take nighttime heart readings. The watch also does what every other smartwatch on this list: it measures your steps, distance, calories burnt, sleep quality and more. Also, at CES this year, Omron announced they’re launching an Alexa skill which works with the HeartGuide which will both read back your heart readings but also give you tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle. The watch can be bought directly on Omron’s website (currently taking pre-orders) here. One quick note though: at $499 + taxes, this wearable device is not for everyone.

(2) Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit is the undisputable superstar in the world of fitness trackers, and with good reason. Every year, the tech company introduces best-in-class features and streamlines the design of their gadgets. The latest iteration of their smartwatch, Fitbit Charge 3, comes with a stylish, button-less design that makes the whole device look and feels thinner and comfortable.

Under the hood, Fitbit Charge 3 is jam-packed with features that are designed to keep you fit and your heart ticking without a hitch. These include SmartTrack which recognizes exercises/workouts automatically; heart rate monitor that keeps counting 24/7; and even period monitoring for our womenfolk. The metrics from all these features can be easily and conveniently viewed in the app (both iOS and Android). The UI of the app is amazing when it comes to tracking your heart health and overall well-being. What’s more, Fitbit Charge 3 can track sleep apnea.

Lastly, like most fitness trackers, Fitbit Charge 3 can answer/reject calls, receive/reply to text messages, and get email & social media notifications. On the overall, it’s an all-around tech device geared towards active individuals who want to stay on top of their heart health and fitness.

(3) Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 is not your average smartwatch. It’s a huge leap from Series 3, introducing the ECG sensor, snappy performance, bigger, more colorful display, and much more. The device might boast of 50 percent louder speakers and 30 percent larger screen real estate, but what makes it truly stand out are the fitness and health features. With gyroscope and accelerometer that’s eight times faster, Apple Watch 4 delivers more accurate heart rate and fitness statistics.

What caught our attention is its ability to send out both extremely low and high heart rate alerts, as well as fall detection. If you are dealing with afib, Series 4 is dead right for you because it checks for irregular heart rhythms. Did we mention that’s fitted with ECG sensor that has been approved by FDA?

Parting shot: Series 4 is unquestionably the most advanced tech device for heart health on the market today, but it can use a better battery.

(4) Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Going for $200, Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro is hands down the best fitness device for Android users. If you want to keep tabs on your heart health, and you’re undecided between a smartwatch and fitness band, Fit 2 Pro was designed for you. It boasts of a battery of fitness tracking features, including built-in GPS and heart rate monitor, as well as steps, calories, and stair flights counter. Its storage for music, display, and smartwatch features are not too shabby either.

(5) Atmotube

If you’ve extreme allergies or asthma, your heart health can suffer too. Thankfully, Atmotube can help track allergens and other air pollutants in your immediate environment. It’s a USB-enabled tech device that’s easy to use wherever you go. It has a nifty smartphone app that alerts you instantly to the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and harmful gases (CO).

(6) Garmin Vivosport

Garmin is another titan when it comes to engineering great tech devices for sporting and heart health. With one person dying from cardiovascular complications every 38 seconds, according to famous cardiologist Simon Stertzer, it’s high time you embrace running, outdoor sports, and an active lifestyle. If this sounds like you, Garmin Vivosport is your best exercising/training companion.

Vivosport is a lightweight, GPS-enabled smartwatch that has plenty of built-in features, including auto workout tracking, a heart rate monitor, and sleep tracker, just to mention a few. And with a $170 price tag, Garmin Vivosport offers a bang for your money.

(7) Moov Now

You’d be forgiven if you have never heard of Moov Now (and you should have). It’s an amazingly waterproof (up to 30m) fitness tracker specially designed for when you want to take a dip in the pool. It tracks your stroke distance, rate, type, and efficiency, as well as your swimming stamina and lap times. The only drawback is that the device doesn’t have a built-in display to showcase your performance and metrics. However, you can use the Moov Now app to do that.

(8) BodyGuardian Heart

Right off the bat, it’s worth noting that this biotech device was designed and developed by Preventice Solutions in conjunction with Mayo Clinic, so you know it’s of solid quality. The gadget is a portable cardiac monitoring system with ECG tracking, heart rate monitor, respiratory rate tracker, and activity level monitoring. It allows a clinician or cardiologist to remotely monitor their patients living with cardiovascular arrhythmia.

BodyGuardian Heart can also remotely track your weight, oxygen saturation level, glucose level, blood pressure, and other vitals. It’s one of a handful of tech devices that uses big data to improve patient care, one of the 7 most noteworthy cardiovascular health technologies in 2019, according to Digital Authority Partners.

(9) Philips Avance centrifugal Juicer

If you want to prevent heart disease, you need to load up on a fiber-rich diet. Unfortunately, most of us don’t get recommended serving of fiber every day. Philips Avance centrifugal Juicer is equipped with FiberBoost technology which allows you to choose and boost the fiber content of your juice with a click of a button. It’s a must-have for every smoothie aficionado. Besides, it’s easy to use and clean.

When all’s said and done, choose a tech device that’s not only hassle-free to use but also comfortable and keep tracks of your heart’s vital metrics. More importantly, don’t break the bank (unless you have got the budget) to get one because even the most basic fitness trackers are fitted with a heart rate monitor.

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