PlayStation Needs To Adapt and Deliver To Keep Their Lead In 2019

rainslacker6h ago

Outside of UHD, and for the time being BC, what exactly does MS offer that Sony doesn’t? Game Pass? PSNow still has more games, just doesn’t do day one releases.

Games are the reason people buy consoles. It’s about having games that appeal to people. The console that has more appealing games, is going to sell more, and supplemental features aren’t as important anymore. It’s the exclusives which define the system. Sometimes, there are features which can help add value or appeal(Like Sony’s social media stuff). Sometimes, multi-plats can be the driving force, but they aren’t a pro or con for either system, so if people look beyond the individual system seller, they’re going to look at what is only available on a platform.

The only places that MS and Nintendo can improve is on games, and I’d argue that Nintendo does it’s own games in its own ways, and they try to appeal to those gamers who want that. MS competes directly in the same market as Sony. All these features they come up with aren’t doing it for them, so the only place they have to improve is the games. If they improve, it means they’ll be on par with Sony, not that Sony then has to adapt to be where the competition finally got to. it just means that Sony will have to try and deliver more appealing software than MS.

In other words, true competition.

You use a lot of ifs and thens. but you still discount the fact that Sony has set the bar that the others have to achieve, before people decide that it’s time to say Sony has to adapt or improve. As it is, Sony just has to keep doing what it’s doing, and that’s setting the bar. It’s up to the other companies to raise the bar, or Sony may just keep doing it themselves like they’ve been doing all gen.

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