GPS tracking on the victim’s cell phone led police to car thief

Guam – GPS tracking on a phone belonging to a woman whose car was stolen helped authorities track down the alleged car thief and her vehicle.

A woman shopping for groceries was surprised when she walked out of the Yigo Payless to discover that her vehicle had been stolen. According to court documents surveillance footage at the establishment revealed that a man with a slim build had entered the victim’s vehicle hust after 430 p.m. on Sunday.

But it wasn’t the surveillance footage that gave authorities a lead on the alleged thief’s whereabouts, instead the victim’s cellphone which was left in the car lead police to the doorstep of Albert Lucena.

When police arrived at the residence two hours after the theft, police say that Lucena exited the stolen vehicle wearing clothing which matched the description of the individual caught on camera.

Lucena was charged with theft of a motor vehicle.

He was booked and confined.



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