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Former boyfriend charged with stalking, using GPS tracking devices to keep tabs on Mankato woman – The Gadget News

Former boyfriend charged with stalking, using GPS tracking devices to keep tabs on Mankato woman

But, she says, there was a trail of terror that followed her from Michigan to Mankato.

“I was super freaked out and scared, I was afraid of him,” said Jacqueline.

Jacqueline moved in with relatives. She blocked her profile on social media and cell phone. Only a few loved ones knew her new address. But out of the blue last month, she says Thomason showed up at her Mankato home, demanding to talk with her. She was startled. 

Jacqueline called the police and asked investigators how he could possibly find her. Officers looked under her vehicle and found not one but two tracking devices.

“He’d been tracking me for who knows how long,” she said.

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Criminal charges filed in Blue Earth County said when investigators found the Michigan man, he was in a rental car with a Faraday bag, which is designed to block cell signals. He also had a loaded gun, ammunition, a camera, heavy-duty tape and women’s clothing.

“I think he was going to try to coerce me to go with him because a gun is a powerful tool of persuasion,” said Jacqueline.

Thomason has also been charged in federal court with interstate commerce crimes for crossing state lines to electronically spy on her.  He is in the Sherburne County jail.

Jacqueline said she will be in court this Friday seeking a domestic order for protection. She says with family support, it has made her more confident in herself.

“It’s given me confidence. I did end up going to police [and] they took it seriously, pursued it, [now] he’s in jail and I still have my freedom. That’s what he wanted to take away from me,” she said.

Court documents indicate Thomason told investigators he placed the tracking devices on her car and the December meeting in Mankato didn’t go the way he planned. 

To check out some resources to assist stalking victims, click here.

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