Xiaomi launches must-have accent for automobiles

Xiaomi has made its presence felt in areas that are not bound to smartphones globally and it has offered various products other than just phones in India. Joining the ever-increasing fleet of mobile accessories, Xiaomi launched Mi Car Charger Basic as the perfect smartphone charger to fulfill your needs on-the-go.

Without any doubts, Xiaomi’s official car charger will strike an appeal among car owners. The Mi Car Charger Basic is the perfect accessory for your car, especially with the holiday season travels in tow. The car charger’s affordable pricing at just Rs 449 is not the only reason worthy of its appeal, but it is a crucial aspect nevertheless.

XiaomiMi Car Charger Basic supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, which is a boon considering most people complain about car chargers being too slow. There are dual ports to charge two phones simultaneously, but only the port painted in red has up to 18W fast charging capability.

Xiaomi Mi Car Charger Basic launched
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The seamless design of the car charger, complete with a blue LED ring around the ports, is another top reason to buy Mi Car Charger Basic. While the charger sits on the car’s dash, it won’t disrupt the aesthetics. But one of the main reasons to buy Mi Car Charger Basic is the trust and guarantee of safety that comes with it.

Xiaomi claims the car charger has an advanced chipset for higher safety through 4 layers of circuit chipset protection. It monitors output current and shuts off when current exceeds the maximum limit, prevents short circuits, overheating and overvoltage.

The car charger market is flooded with unknown manufacturers, often leading to affecting your phone’s health during prolonged use. With the trust of Xiaomi, the Mi Car Charger Basic offers an affordable yet trustworthy solution to charge your phones during the commute.

Xiaomi mi Car Charger Basic is available only in black colour and it can be ordered from the company’s official website.

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