This $68 crush-proof power bank ensures you’ll never be powerless again [Deals]

Never be caught running on 0% with this tough power bank.
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If your home is like many homes, Christmas morning will bring a whole heaping mess of gleaming new tech gadgets splayed out under the tree. In fact, there will probably be so much polished chrome everywhere that you’re gonna feel like you live in an Apple store for at least a few days.


Of course, the perfect accessory for all those shiny new baubles is one that often gets overlooked, a never ending source of power to keep them eternally up and running. With a rock-solid power source like the Zendure 20,000mAh Crush-Proof Portable Power Bank (now $68, 36 percent off its regular price with promo code: MERRY15), your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other device stays in peak performance mode, no matter where your travels take you.

This massive capacity charger pumps raw power to any of your USB Type-C devices and lightning-fast speeds. It accommodates pass-through charging (for charging the battery while you charge your devices) and fully supports Quick Charge 3.0 charging, which takes your device from zero to full at four times the speed of conventional adapters. The Zendure automatically assesses each device’s specific needs and adjusts its output for optimal charging so you’re always protected from short circuiting, power surges, overheating or overcharging.

At 20,000mAh, you’ve got enough juice to fully charge a MacBook 1.5 times, a Nintendo Switch 2.5 times, a Galaxy S9 Plus 4 times and an iPhone X 5.5 times on a single charge. And you know it’s a quality unit because even if you leave it fully charged at the bottom of your bag for six months, it’ll still be packing 95 percent of its capacity when you are finally ready to fire it up.

It’s also built for your hard core adventuring, including a crush-proof frame that can withstand being run over by a car. Really.

Regularly $105.95, you can grab the Zendure 20,000mAh Crush-Proof Portable Power Bank for $68 with promo code: MERRY15.

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