The Fitbit Versa is half the price of an Apple Watch right now

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A recent Hilton Honors study discovered that 50% of all shoppers wait until the last month before the holidays to get their gifting done, while an even more surprising 40% wait until the last week.

If you’re a member of that 40%, don’t lose hope — you can still get all of your holiday shopping done without giving up your procrastinating ways. And maybe even save a little money in the process.

You can see our complete gift guide coverage here, but one of the standout holiday tech deals running right now is on the Fitbit Versa smartwatch.

Usually priced at $200, it’s currently on sale for $149— that’s $51 off.

If you haven’t heard of it the Versa is this year’s breakout gadget, essentially combining Fitbit’s popular and well-developed fitness-tracking capabilities with functions you’d normally find in a fully-featured smartwatch like an Apple Watch. In fact, Business Insider’s Brandt Ranj compared the two devices, and found the Versa held up favorably compared to the Apple Watch.

Although the Versa has less-extensive compatibility with third-party apps, its significantly lower price tipped the scales heavily in Brandt’s comparison. According to our guide to the best Fitbit devices, it’s an ideal choice over the Apple Watch — as long as you “want a fitness tracker first and a smartwatch second,” while it still executes its smartwatch prowess efficiently and elegantly.

Thanks to a recent FitbitOS software update, you can now view your sleep, weight, water, and food stats right on the smartwatch, and quick-log your weight and water intake. The Versa can also provide real-time updates during your workouts so you can “stay on task, accountable, and motivated.”

At its current sale price, the Fitbit Versa is a fantastic last-minute gift idea.

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch, $149, available at Amazon

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