Amherst County Officials: 29N is open, don’t listen to your GPS


29N in Amherst County. (VDOT 511)

AMHERST Co., Va. (WSET) — Amherst County officials are urging drivers to not follow a dangerous detour many GPS’s are taking during this dangerous snow storm.

They say many GPS devices are saying Route 29 N is closed in Amherst County and is taking people along Boxwood Farm Road.

Boxwood Farm Road is a curvy road with many hills, which is even worse with almost a foot of snow on the ground. They say multiple people have already driven off the road due to this.

Route 29 N is actually open, so you shouldn’t be detoured.

More importantly, stay off the roads entirely. Amherst County officials say their crews are overwhelmed with calls and are unable to reach people immediately.

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