Oppo RX17 Pro got the fastest charger in the world

Oppo RX17 Pro обзавелся самой быстрой зарядкой в мире

New Oppo RX17 Pro from Chinese manufacturers set a world record. Experts from Gizmochina were surprised by the ability of the Chinese model to charge to 100% in a very short time. Only on a full charge smartphone enough to 30 minutes. However, the charger itself must support the function of quick charging at high power.

Oppo RX17 Pro обзавелся самой быстрой зарядкой в мире

Test the speed of charging has shown that the Oppo RX17 Pro is charging for 30 minutes at 92%, which made it an absolute winner. The battery of the device has a capacity of 3700 mAh, which is quite a large capacity, given the whimsical processors and high quality screens.

In the second place turned out to Honor Magic 2 – he managed to fill the charge to 83% over half – smartphone devices battery capacity of 3500 mA and fast charge at 40 watts. Yes, this unit is not far away from the first, making it also a great choice for those who do not like to sit without a phone.

Oppo RX17 Pro обзавелся самой быстрой зарядкой в мире

On the third and fourth position was the Pro 7 Plus Meizu and Oppo R11 with the figure of 66% over the same time. It is worth noting the fact that Meizu Pro 7 has a battery capacity of 3500 mA, which provides fast charging 20 W, R11 and Oppo were able to charge the battery capacity of 3000 mAh in the same 20-watt adapter.

Recall that the Korean company Samsung has again disgraced before the public. This time, she was caught in a blatant lie to users. It is reported that Samsung has launched an advertising campaign for the new smartphone. In the is flashed quality picture allegedly taken with the new smartphone. Actually, the photo was taken with a professional camera, and even found the photographer.

Earlier Znayu reported that soon the market the smartphone can break a new smartphone from Xiaomi, it is Noted that it will be a Mix Xiaomi Mi 3s, which will receive the technology slider. Among other things, the device will receive as much as 12 GB of RAM, and a triple main camera, and dual front.

Znayu wrote that the Korean company Samsung is preparing to release as much as 2 new smartphones. However, these models are only middle class, so nothing interesting of itself is almost not present.


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