A top solar power bank to charge your devices is on sale today

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BUY IT NOW: $30 off iClever USB Solar Charger with free shipping

It’s life-proof, perfect for helping during power outages and my favorite deal on Amazon today. There are countless chargers and power banks on sale this season, and I’ve tested many of them. One of my favorites combines the power of solar and standard power into a win for your wallet.

With countless smartphones, speakers, drones, cameras and headphones that all need charging this holiday season, my favorite battery back-up gives you reliable power on the go, even in the event of a power outage.

The iClever Solar Power Bank gives you all the benefits of a typical power bank alongside a solar panel that can charge a smartphone or tablet with just four hours of direct sunlight exposure. If you’re not around enough sunlight to seal the deal, this power bank can also be recharged via USB.

Ultra slim
Will not over-charge your device
SmartID port detects the power needs of your iPhone, iPad or Android device
High conversion efficiency
Solar panel requires just four hours of charging
Can also be used as a regular power bank
Works in extreme heat or extreme cold
P63 Water resistant
Lowest-recorded price of the season

BUY IT NOW: $30 off iClever USB Solar Charger with free shipping
Was: $84.99
Now: $54.99

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